Cultural Experiences of African Americans

Directions for your Discussion Board Post!!

You have already completed the pre-test and hopefully you have completed the post-test.  If you have not already done the post-test, please return to the home page and click on the post-test link then return back here for your directions for your DB.

Before you begin your DB Post, please check your answers to the tests with our answers by clicking HERE 

To complete your discussion board post for this module, please discuss the scores of your pre- and post-test.  What did you know at the beginning of this module?  What did you think you knew but actually did not in the pre-test?  What did you not know at the beginning but learned through this module? 

Next, we would also like you to discuss the following pertaining to stereotypes: was there a particular stereotype that you thought about African Americans before this assignment?  Did you see the stereotype addressed on this website?    Did anything on this website change or challenge your opinion on the stereotype?  Did it strengthen the stereotype? 

Finally, please pick one of the video's in this module that evoked the strongest response from you and write about it in your DB post.  For example, you might want to write about why you chose the video that you did, what was your initial response, do you agree or disagree with the video, etc.